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Olinda is a renowned tourist town located between the towns of Sassafras and Kallista. Being a quaint town near the scenic Dandenong Ranges, Olinda...

Dandenong Ranges Suburbs

The Dandenong Ranges is known as one of the most magnificent landscapes in the Melbourne area. Spending time in the Dandenongs will reward you with prime examples of Australia’s native forests, beautiful foothills and pristine gardens.

The Dandenong Ranges suburbs and towns offer a number attractions to visitors and there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can enjoy under the sprawling mountain ranges.

Dandenong Ranges Suburbs & Towns Near the Dandenongs, Melbourne

Emerald: A small scenic town best known for its parks and lakes. If you’re looking for a great way to beat the heat or a quiet little town where you can enjoy a good sit down at a café, this is definitely a place worth checking out.

Ferntree Gully: Known for its pristine forests. Located roughly 40 km from the city, Ferntree Gully is well worth the drive. If you really want to get away from it all and reconnect with nature, this is an excellent stop.

Menzies Creek: Best known as the second station along the the scenic Puffing Billy railway, Menzies creek is home to a number of key historic buildings, as well as a Railway Museum. This town has an extensive history as a gold-mining town, as well as an emerald mining town.

The Basin: A quiet area with many parks, farmland, as well as a beautiful port perfect for a day on the water. The Basin was one of the early European settlements and is set under the rolling foothills with close access to lots of open space.


Olinda, VIC

Olinda is a renowned tourist town located between the towns of Sassafras and Kallista. Being a quaint town near the scenic Dandenong Ranges, Olinda is a popular weekend and day trip destination amongst visitors. Olinda...

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Mt Dandenong Attractions

Mount Dandenong

Mount Dandenong, VIC

Mount Dandenong is the most scenic mountain within the Dandenong Ranges region. With stunning attractions, lookouts and various other tourist attractions, Mount Dandenong is a popular and unique tourist destination...

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Belgrave, VIC

The Dandenong Ranges houses the beautiful town of Belgrave which is a commercial centre of the region and is located between Ferntree Gully and Emerald. Belgrave is a popular town with numerous things to see and do...

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Gembrook, VIC

Gembrook is a charming destination located just an hour from the Melbourne CBD, and one of the region’s most popular tourist attractions. The most iconic feature at Gembrook is that it is the last destination of the...

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Sassafras, Victoria


Sassafras, VIC

Located in the outer-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Sassafras is a popular weekend destination for both local and out of town visitors. Being a close picturesque town to the Melbourne CBD, Sassafras is an easily...

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Ferntree Gully-featured

Ferntree Gully

Ferntree Gully, VIC

Ferntree Gully is a beautiful location with an array of attractions and scenic spots. Located within the Dandenong Ranges National Park, Ferntree Gully is just 36kms from the city. Being a popular tourist destination...

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Emerald, VIC

Emerald is a beautiful scenic town popular for its picturesque lake and parks. Nestled in between the quaint towns of Cockatoo and Belgrave, Emerald is a frequently visited town among tourists to the Dandenong Ranges...

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Monbulk, VIC

Monbulk is a beautiful scenic suburb of Melbourne, located just 42km east of the CBD. Monbulk is an attractive town, often visited by tourists heading up to the Dandenong Ranges. With a mountainous backdrop and...

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Kallista, VIC

Another popular day trip and weekend getaway destination in the Dandenong Ranges is Kallista. This small tourist village is cocooned within the mountains and lush native bushlands of the Dandenong Ranges and is a quaint...

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Mount Evelyn-featured

Mount Evelyn

Mount Evelyn, VIC

Mt Evelyn, near Olinda Creek, is a picturesque location with numerous scenic points and walking trails. A few years ago, the area of Mt Evelyn was known as Olinda Vale and Billygoat Hill. Then the areas of Valinda...

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Macclesfield, VIC

Macclesfield is a suburb located in the Dandenong Ranges, 47 kilometres east from the Melbourne CBD. The suburb is best known for its rich soil that has made it a household name as one of the best producers of flowers...

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Kilsyth Accommodation


Kilsyth, VIC

Kilsyth is a small outer Melbourne suburb located in the outer eastern region just 34kms from the Melbourne city centre. Kilsyth is easily accessible from all locations and is settled at the foothills of Mt Dandenong...

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Boronia Accommodation


Boronia, VIC

Boronia is a small eastern suburb of Melbourne, located just 29km east from the CBD, and is known for its scenic viewpoints to see the nearby National Park. Boronia boasts a number of nature reserves and an array of...

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Cockatoo, VIC

Cockatoo is one of the suburbs located in the Dandenong Ranges, and a popular attraction thanks to its many places of interest. The suburb was initially known as Cockatoo Creek during its very early settlement in the...

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Montrose, VIC

Montrose is located along the Mt Dandenong Tourist road and acts as an entrance to the northern part of Dandenong Ranges National Park. With numerous scenic points and several things to do, Montrose is a beautiful...

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Silvan Reservoir Park


Silvan, VIC

Silvan is one of the Dandenong Ranges’ most beautiful destinations. Popular for its high-quality fruits, Silvan is an enchanting location that awaits your visit. With a wide range of farm experiences, this vibrant...

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Ferny Creek

Ferny Creek

Ferny Creek, VIC

The charming suburb of Ferny Creek is located just 33kms east of the Melbourne CBD and consists of hilly regions and lush forests housing Australian native plants. Nestled on the landscapes adjacent to the Dandenong...

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Upwey Accommodation


Upwey, VIC

In the suburbs of Melbourne, visitors often head to the scenic locations near the Dandenong Ranges. Upwey is one such beautiful rural community, located just 32kms from the Melbourne city. Upwey was once known as Mast...

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Selby Accommodation


Selby, VIC

The Dandenong Ranges and its local area houses a number of quaint towns, villages and scenic spots. Selby is one of these beautiful rural communities which is nestled in a picturesque setting. This charming town boasts...

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Lysterfield, VIC

Lysterfield is a popular suburb located in the Dandenong Ranges, 32 kilometres south-east from the Melbourne CBD. The first settlement in the area can be traced back to 1838 when the region was referred to as Narre...

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The basin mount dandenong

The Basin

The Basin, VIC

Located just 31km east from the Melbourne CBD, the charming village of The Basin is a popular suburb with numerous things to see and do. After the significant early European settlements, the Basin emerged as a developed...

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Kalorama, VIC

With an array of scenic attractions and several things to see and do, Kalorama is a small rural community and a wonderful location to visit. Located near Mt Dandenong, the quaint townhouses lush forests in an extensive...

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Upper Ferntree Gully-featured

Upper Ferntree Gully

Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC

Upper Ferntree Gully is a suburb of the Dandenong Ranges that houses the popular Ferntree Gully Park; which also happens to be a section of the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Visitors from Melbourne heading to the...

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Tecoma, VIC

Tecoma is a beautiful suburb located near the Dandenong Ranges. Located just 34km from the Melbourne CBD, Tecoma is an easily accessible weekend getaway spot for locals and visitors to the region. Tecoma boasts a main...

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The Patch Accommodation

The Patch

The Patch, VIC

There is no shortage of scenic day trip locations around the Dandenong Ranges. With an extensive hilly region and adjacent verdant forests, the rural communities and quaint towns in the area boast a number of...

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Clematis, VIC

Clematis is a small suburb, located approximately 40km from the Melbourne CBD, is a lesser-known tourist spot of Victoria. However, visitors from Melbourne and nearby suburbs often come here on their way through...

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Menzies Creek

Menzies Creek

Menzies Creek, VIC

Menzies Creek is a neighbouring town of Belgrave, located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, just 40kms from the Melbourne CBD. Menzies Creek is the second station along the scenic railway of Puffing Billy (after...

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1000 Steps


Tremont, VIC

Tremont is a suburb in the Dandenong Ranges and is located 31 kilometres east of the Melbourne CBD. The most interesting thing about this suburb is that it is almost entirely located in the Dandenong Ranges National...

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