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The Patch

The Patch

There is no shortage of scenic day trip locations around the Dandenong Ranges. With an extensive hilly region and adjacent verdant forests, the rural communities and quaint towns in the area boast a number of picturesque spots, popular viewpoints and several renowned bushwalking tracks. One such community popular among laid back visitors is The Patch.

This small town is located 39km east of the Melbourne CBD, and with a population of only 800, this small town is a less-developed suburb in the Dandenong Ranges.

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The area formed during the 1860s, when a number of timber-cutters discovered this grass patched area, hence the name. Today, the township has merged with a part of Monbulk.

Well known for its horticultural and agricultural produce, you will find berries, fruits, vegetables, locally made jams, jellies and other fruit products at the general stores whilst visiting this area.

The Patch also houses the Monbulk Jam Factory and several berries growing farms. Some of the farms also have their own stores where you can pick and choose your favourite berries.

Even though the area is relatively small, there is no scarcity of scenic locations for visitors to explore. Come and experience a relaxed lifestyle by staying at one of the nearby accommodation options and enjoy the area’s best attractions and activities. Check out the various accommodation options below.

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