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The Sherbrooke area of the Dandenong Ranges is a small, yet immensely diverse natural attraction.

Rich biodiversity, thriving flora and fauna, and lush greenery make this locale a favourite among nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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The topography is dominated by temperate rainforests and beautiful fern trees, with established paths for hiking and trekking. It’s only a quick drive from Melbourne, so if you’re looking for some time in nature, Sherbrooke is highly recommended.

There are lots of outdoor activities to choose from. The most popular attractions here are the Sherbrooke Falls Trail, Sherbrooke Picnic Grounds, O’Donohue’s Picnic Ground, Grant’s Picnic Ground, and the Sherbrooke Forest. The Sherbrooke Falls Trail is home to the majestic Sherbrooke Falls; one of two famous waterfalls in the Dandenong Ranges; the other being Olinda Falls.

Getting here from various locations is fairly easy, and no previous trekking experience is necessary. However, keep in mind that the trails tend to get muddy especially during wet weather so be sure to wear the appropriate footwear. The picnic grounds are equipped with tables, chairs, and barbecues for a day of fun with your family, friends, and loved ones.

East Sherbrooke Forest is another attraction, especially for bird-spotting enthusiasts as it serves as a sanctuary for Lyrebirds and Dragons Nests. It only takes around an hour or two to explore the entire area.

Flower, garden, and botany lovers should check out the vibrant Alfred Nicholas Gardens and the George Tindale Gardens. Both are exquisite, lush gardens filled with colourful flowers. It’s also home to an iconic boathouse and a tranquil lake.

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