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Sherbrooke Picnic Ground

Sherbrooke Picnic Ground

Sherbrooke Picnic Ground is just one of the many stunning picnic areas in the Dandenong Ranges.

Located only a short drive away from the Melbourne CBD, the spot is ideal for a day trip filled with great food and a barbecue for the whole family as you enjoy the sunshine and the cool forest breeze.

Sherbrooke Picnic Ground, Falls, Forest, Car Park Address & Dogs Rules

The grounds are located within the Sherbrooke Forest and occupies the largest area of the Dandenong Ranges National Park. It features several walking tracks with varying degrees of difficulty; though all of them are relatively easy. One of the best things about the walking trails near the picnic grounds is that they allow you to get up close with the rich flora and fauna of Sherbrooke.

Meanwhile, the picnic zone itself provides visitors with breathtaking views of the forest and nearby hills, and barbecues beneath the natural canopies create a breezy, rejuvenating destination for lunch. The grounds are well-maintained, and it’s a simple bushwalk even for beginners.

It’s best to come early to reserve a table since this is a popular outdoor attraction; especially during summer. You may even spot some crimson rosellas by the picnic grounds, but visitors are urged not to feed them. If you would like to spend a night or two around here, there are a handful of accommodation options nearby.

Sherbrooke Picnic Ground has no accessible parking areas within the car park, and all car parking areas are located on steep angles. The car park is on an asphalt surface, so you may have to consider this when planning.

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