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Silvan Reservoir Park

Silvan Reservoir Park

Set at the base of the Dandenong Ranges, Silvan Reservoir Park is the perfect location for a day out of town and is just a short drive from Melbourne.

The Park has a number of walking trails that visitors can use to experience the beauty of nature at the park.

Silvan Reservoir Park Address, BBQ, Fishing & Walking Tracks Map, VIC

The Stonyford Creek Nature Walk stretches for about a kilometre and will take about half an hour to complete. The self-guided trail that leads visitors to native bushland creates the perfect opportunity for nature photographers to indulge in their favourite past time. Messmate Walking Trail measures 1.2km and it has a harder difficulty which will test even fit hikers.

Other walking tracks at Silvan Reservoir Park include the lengthier Olinda Creek Walking Trail and Mount Evelyn Aqueduct Trail which measure 5.6 kms and 7.2 kms respectively. For these trails, moderate fitness is required as the trails are a little more challenging than nature walks. During the walks, visitors can spot a variety of wildlife species, including sugar gliders, wombats, ringtail possums and echidnas.

Bird watchers will enjoy spending time at the park where they can spot many different species of waterbirds including the spoonbills and long-legged herons. Robins and cockatoos are also common within the park. The magnificent wedge-tailed eagle is more elusive, but you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse as they soar high above the trees.

Silvan Reservoir Park has numerous picnic sites where visitors can BBQ with family and friends as they soak in spectacular views of the park. It is important for visitors to note that dogs must always be kept on a leash and are not permitted on the walking trails.

For an amazing day in Silvan Reservoir Park, visitors can find easy access from Stonyford Road in Silvan.


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