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Stringybark Festival
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Stringybark Festival

The Stringybark Festival is a sustainability festival which is held at the Rowville Community Centre in October each year.

This festival is all about empowering the local community to live sustainably with information and guidance on how to achieve practical change.

Stringybark Festival 2022 Dates, Events & Workshops, Rowville, Knox

You will find plenty of stalls and activities at the festival as well as entertainment. There will be three live stages with professional bands, school groups, community groups, and indigenous groups entertaining the crowds all through the festival.

There will also be workshops, informative presentations, reptile encounters, art spaces, and community stalls that will sell fair trade/organic/ethical products for you to purchase. You will also be able to try a huge range of street food from the trucks on-site, as well as purchase food that has been locally made or grown.

There will also be a “Maker Space” at the festival where the local community is invited into an artist facilitated ‘assemblage’ zone where the challenge is to resurrect, refashion and re-purpose life into the stuff we routinely discard. This arena challenges the way we consume and invites ‘makers’ to re-consider what can be ‘re-created’ with things that might otherwise be considered rubbish.

There will also be installations aimed at educating users about rubbish and recycling as well as new and upcoming inventions to further develop sustainable living practices.

To get to this fantastic community event, you can drive to the Rowville Community Centre where there is car parking on Fulham Road.


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