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1000 Steps

1000 Steps

Located within the Dandenong Ranges National Park, the 1000 Steps Kokoda Walk is a unique and renowned tourist spot in the Dandenong Ranges.

The 1000 Steps boasts the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk, a popular walking trail in the area. Nicely maintained by rangers, the Kokoda Track is a beautiful walking track with adjacent forested areas, bushlands and various scenic points. Whilst visiting the steps, you will get a small glimpse into the physical effort experienced by the Australian soldiers during 1942.

1000 Steps Kokoda Track Walk, Address & Distance Map, Dandenongs

As the name suggests, the 1000 Steps includes stone steps that lead to the popular One Tree Hill; which starts at the cafe and leads up the top of the mountain.

Those who would like to challenge themselves by completing the 1000 Steps should wear appropriate footwear (runners or hiking shoes) and should have a moderate level of fitness. Many people come to this attraction to test and improve their fitness, and thankfully there are a number of shady rest stops along the way for those who need to catch their breath. Those climbing the 1000 Steps should make sure to bring your own bottle of water as there are no water fountains on the trail.

Apart from the amazing experience of the trail itself, you can also enjoy the area’s scenic spots, beautiful parklands and numerous viewpoints as you traverse this course near Mt. Dandenong.

Pick up a map before you head out on this challenging trail and check out the many other walking tracks throughout the Dandenong Ranges. As the 1000 Steps is located within the Dandenong Ranges National Park, please note that dogs are not permitted.

If you are coming from the city using public transport, catch a train on the Belgrave Line and get off at the ‘Upper Ferntree Gully” station. From there it is just an 800m walk east along Burwood Highway to reach the southern end of the carpark – around 500m extra to get up to the cafe and the start of the steps.

Depending on your fitness, the steps can take between 30 minutes to 1.5hrs to complete the return trip. Many people walk up the steps, but those who are a little fitter may run. So go at your own pace and enjoy the challenge!


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  • Hi,
    I read somewhere that it takes 2 hours to complete the trek but that 2hrs means from the start to the of the 1000 steps yes? So it will take another 2hrs to get back to my car or is there an alternative route we can take?

    • Hi Sophie,

      The steps are only a short 5 minute walk from the carpark (800 metres). The length of time it takes you to complete the steps will very much depend on your fitness levels.

      I am of a moderate fitness, and it took me 30 minutes to climb the stairs to the top and around 15 mins to get back down. My partner, who is much fitter, completed the climb in 20 minutes and was down in 10.

      I would say allow yourself an hour to an hour and a half to go up and back, including walking to and from the carpark. Stick to the main track.

      Enjoy the climb!


    • Hi Lisa,

      This seems to be a popular question and has been answered below. I will add the details to the main post.

      But for your quick reference:
      If you are coming from the city using Public transport, it looks like the best train station to get off at is “Upper Ferntree Gully station” on the Belgrave line.

      From there it is just a 800m walk east along Burwood Highway to reach the southern end of the carpark – around 500m extra to get up to the cafe and the start of the steps.

      You would have to check the Public Transport Victoria schedule to see if there are any buses that travel directly from Dandenong to Belgrave. Otherwise from Dandenong, you would have to travel into the city, change at Richmond, and head out again.


  • Hi, do you have a Melways reference for where the car park is for the 1000 steps walk? I have plenty of maps of the walk, but not sure where the walk actually starts (I assume it might be where the carpark is, but where is that?)

    • Hi Joyce,

      Thank you for your question.

      The 1000 Steps is a very strenuous 3km climb which can take some people up to 1-1.5 hours to complete. There are a few rest stops along the way, but I would not recommend this climb to pregnant women due to the steep incline and length of the track. Of course this is dependent on each individual’s fitness levels.

      If you are looking for a less strenuous activity, I would recommend visiting the National Rhododendron Gardens or taking the short walk to Sherbrooke Falls. Both locations are easy walks without many steep sections.

      I hope this has been of some assistance to you. We hope you enjoy your trip to the Dandenong Ranges!


      Holiday Point

    • Hi Fiona,

      Using Google maps, it is apparently 1.5km from the carpark to the top of the steps. Granted the steps aren’t very steep, i would say that it would perhaps take at most 30 minutes to get to the top, and another 30 mins to get back down again (which is obviously going to be easier). So all up, I wouldn’t expect the total trip to be more than an an hour.

      It may also depend on how busy it is at the time, but it took me around 20 minutes at a fast walking pace to get to the top, and that was on a rainy day and walking behind a group.


  • Hi there, was just wondering Is there shower facilities at the ground? Hoping to be able to shower after the 1000 steps as we are heading the the sky high for breakfast afterwards!

    • Hi Christopher,

      Looking at the official National Parks map, it doesn’t appear that there are shower facilities available, however there are toilets if you need to get changed.

      Unless you are full on sprinting to the top, it’s much cooler up there compared to Melbourne, so you might not even break a sweat.


      • Hi
        I have just completed the walk to the top of the 1000 steps track. It is a delightful track and well maintained. However, on reaching the top nowhere could I find how high I had climbed.

        There were plenty of signs about the distance I had walked but none stating the height above sea level.

        I feel this is an oversight the national parks board should correct. Can you tell me the height at the top of the track?

        Thank you

        • Hi Den,

          I have tried using a few online tools to calculate the elevation, but it didn’t seem accurate or give me an answer at all.

          Trying to decipher a confusing topography map for the first time, it looks like the top at One Tree sits at around 490 metres and the car park sits around 170 metres.

          So my estimation is you climbed 320 metres while you are there.

          Hope this helps.


  • Hi
    I would like to visit the 1000 steps aswell as the bird feeding area and was wondering where abouts was the bird feeding area? Also is the bird feeding area far from the 1000 steps

    • Hi Kubilay,

      I just did some research, and the bird feeding area you are most likely referring to is located at Grants Picnic Ground, Kallista.

      I have created a map here showing you the way from the 1000 steps to Grants Picnic Ground https://goo.gl/maps/hMuLt, but in terms of distance it’s around 8km and roughly a 12 minute drive away.

      I have also spoke to Parks Victoria and have been told that the 1000 Steps is due to re-open tomorrow (April 1) at 6am, in case you were planning to head up this long weekend.


    • Hi Estelle,

      Thanks for the heads up. I have check the Parks Victoria website and the renovations aren’t due to start til Tuesday 10 March 2015 and will be closed for 3 weeks. The works are expected to be completed by 31 March 2015 (pending favourable weather and conditions).

      So hopefully all went well today.


    • Hi Carly,

      I don’t have kids, so I’m perhaps not the best one to answer this. I have completed the steps myself and it took me around 15 minutes from the start of the steps. There is also the walk from the car park.

      I guess if your kids are into the physical activity, they will have a ball and will appreciate the nature of the area. However, adults that I was with at the time were complaining about having to climb the steps and were out of breath and sweating (they aren’t that bad – they aren’t like house steps)

      If you want to try ensure a pleasurable experience, go in the morning when it is cooler and there is less people around.

      Hope this helps,

    • Hi Yvette,

      If you are coming from the city using Public transport, it looks like the best train station to get off at is “Upper Ferntree Gully station” on the Belgrave line.

      From there it is just a 800m walk east along Burwood Highway to reach the southern end of the carpark – around 500m extra to get up to the cafe and the start of the steps.


  • Listen, to all those who said the track is “easy”, it is extremely strenuous when done right. You’re not meant to take a rest on the track if you want to get fit fast. Sure! Walk at your own pace or even jog it if you’re a fitness fanatic and can handle that. BUT DON’T YOU DARE REST!!!

    If you do get a chance to visit the Kokoda track, feel free to time yourself and share how long it took you to finish the track without taking a rest. Trust me, this will be a great achievement.

    • Hi Simone,

      The trip itself isn’t too strenuous, it isn’t like climbing stairs in a building. You can go at your own pace and rest on the way up.

      I have known people with very little fitness do it multiple times, so I am sure you’ll be fine.

      Just to note: the car park gets busy on weekends, so try get there early to get a park.


    • Hi Simone, it is not strenuous at all. I’m not fit and I managed to get to the top. I’ve also seen mums with baby’s on their back climbing the steps. It may not be challenging enough for the really fit ones. It is only slippery when it’s wet. They’ve made a 2nd set of steps that are easier for getting down.

What is the 1000 Steps address?
Burwood Hwy & Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC

Please visit our website for more information on the 1000 Steps.
What are the 1000 Steps opening hours?
6am - 9pm daily (including public holidays)

Please visit our website for more information on the 1000 Steps.
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