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Mount Evelyn

Mount Evelyn

Mt Evelyn, near Olinda Creek, is a picturesque location with numerous scenic points and walking trails. A few years ago, the area of Mt Evelyn was known as Olinda Vale and Billygoat Hill. Then the areas of Valinda, Olinda Vale, Billygoat Hill and South Wandin came together and became known as Mt Evelyn.

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Today, the region is popular for its various scenic trails across the mountainous landscape and grasslands. One of Mt Evelyn’s most popular trails is the Warburton Trail; a great walking and cycling track that runs through the various regions of Mount Evelyn. The trail starts from Mt Evelyn and runs between Warburton and Lilydale.

The Mount Evelyn Aqueduct Walk is another popular scenic trail that runs along the Swansea Road and leads to the Mount Evelyn Forest. Walk through the grassy pathways and explore all the scenic points that the township has to offer, with several spots giving you a panoramic view of the nearby area.

Today, the area houses a number of libraries, schools, art and craft galleries and various other amenities for residents. Tourist attractions of Mt Evelyn are not just confined to the mountains and its surroundings. Apart from the trails and scenic tours, visitors can enjoy picnicking and bushwalking in the area.

Visitors can also take a scenic drive across Mount Evelyn to check out the area’s most charming locations. Presently, the Mt Evelyn Township features a number of accommodation choices including hotels, motels, B&Bs and private cottages. Check out the range of accommodation choices listed below.

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