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Puffing Billy

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Step back in time at Australia’s oldest and best-preserved heritage steam railway, Puffing Billy, situated in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges and only one hour from Melbourne CBD.

With lush fern gullies brushing past the open side carriages and Mountain Ash trees towering overhead, Puffing Billy Railway makes for a wonderful opportunity to relax and breathe in the fresh air whilst the train makes its way through the temperate rainforest.

Puffing Billy Railway Train Prices, Ticket Booking, Map & Timetable, VIC

Puffing Billy is operational as a tourist train and puffs across the original railway track that spans 25kms from Belgrave to Gembrook. The train ride is a beautiful scenic tour that has visitors marvelling at the beautiful Dandenong Ranges as the train rumbles by.

Puffing Billy is indeed a family-friendly activity where you can take your kids in one of the open window carriages. Jump on board the open side carriages for a serene ride over the hills, across the iconic timber trestle bridges, down the valley and into the forest on the original mountain track between Belgrave and Lakeside.

Pre-purchase a picnic pack to enjoy as you ride over the hills, down the valley and into the lush forest on the original mountain track or hold onto your afternoon snacks and set lunch up by Emerald Lake Park. We have a range of delicious picnic and lunch packs available for adults, children, couples and families. These are available for pre-order with your train tickets and can be collected at Belgrave and Lakeside station.

For a great day out, pack a picnic and hop off at Lakeside (Emerald Lake). This is the perfect location for those travelling with children as there are picnic tables, parklands, playground facilities, a wading pool (open in the summer months), paddle boats for hire, the Emerald Lake Model Railway and a cafe where you can purchase lunch. Families often stop at Lakeside for a relaxing day in the outdoors and then catch Puffing Billy back to Belgrave Station (the headquarters of Puffing Billy).

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a great day out with family and friends or a new location for the next morning and afternoon tea social, Puffing Billy Railway is the perfect place to head to. Passengers can enjoy a 30-minute journey from Belgrave, passing over the historic Monbulk Creek trestle bridge and through the forests of the Dandenong Ranges, before arriving at Menzies Creek to visit the museum and enjoy their morning tea, including scones, jam and cream with a hot beverage. A themed children’s play area and the Little Toot Café provide space to sit down, relax and await the 30-minute train journey back to Belgrave.

Toilets are located at each of the stops, but there are no restroom facilities on the train itself. For those travelling from Belgrave to Lakeside, the train trip takes about 1 hour each way.

Check out the Puffing Billy train timetable for a current schedule of trains, as numerous trains are travelling in each direction throughout the day. It is wise to book early during peak times, as Puffing Billy is the most popular activity for families visiting the Dandenong Ranges.

Ticket prices vary based on whether you purchase a one way or return ticket, and depending on how far along the line you intend to travel. Children and concessions are cheaper, and family tickets are also available for purchase. Children under four years of age not occupying a seat are free (but must be booked prior to travel).

So if you are planning a visit to the Dandenong Ranges, add Puffing Billy to the top of your list. It is a fun day out that you will never forget! Buy your tickets online and save on admission prices!

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  • Hello, we plan to arrive in Melbourne airport someday in Jan 2018, in the morning and try to catch up the 12.30 train, do you think we have enough time for the tour and back to the Belgrave Station ? Puffing Billy, and the winery visit if possible? Thanks.


    • Hi Brianna,

      This depends on your time of arrival. It takes around 45 minutes to get from the Melbourne Airport into the City, and then another hour to get from the city to Belgrave Train Station (where Puffing Billy departs). So you would need to leave the city no later than 11am in order to give yourself plenty of time to get out there. Also be mindful that the 12.30pm is rather busy, so you might want to get there even a little earlier to make sure you get a ticket.

      The 12.30 departure on Puffing Billy gets to Lakeside at 1.30pm. A return train departs from Lakeside at 2.30pm and gets back to Belgrave Station at 3.30pm. If planning to then visit wineries, you will need to check what time the particular one you want to visit closes. If you have a car, this will make things a lot easier.

      Best regards,

  • I’m planning to take a group of approximately 30-35 ladies (most concession) on Puffing Billy from Belgrave 10:30am to Lakeside (March 20th 2018) then to continue to Grants on Sherbrooke. Could you suggest the best way for me to prebook /purchase tickets (and price) please? Could you also suggest other attractions nearby that would be suitable for the group to visit.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I would contact Puffing Billy directly as discounts are available for pre-booked group travel (20 or more paying passengers on a return journey). You can email them here: [email protected] or call: (03) 9757 0700.

      As for other attractions, Grants on Sherbrooke is a great idea, tickets cannot be pre-purchased for this activity. You purchase a token at the kiosk if you want to feed the birds, otherwise you just enjoy nature without paying a fee. I believe the tokens are around $4.00 each.

      I would highly recommend the National Rhododendron Gardens for a visit, and also William Ricketts Sanctuary.

      Have a great time!

  • Hi, i’m from Malaysia, plan to take day excursion ride on 5th Sept 2017, next week. I don’t have enough time to go for the return trip, hence planning to only depart from lakeside and stop at belgrave, and that’s it. I know there’s no way to pre-purchase one way journey online, but I’m scared we can’t get the ticket for that day. I plan to buy online return ticket. Which one shud I choose, and is it possible to just depart from lakeside anytime as it is an open return ticket.? Really hope u will answer me promptly. And also would like to know regarding the possible crowd for that day. Thank u so much.

    • Hi Ana,

      In order to travel one way from Lakeside to Belgrave, you will need to purchase a Belgrave/Lakeside open return ticket. Being that the 5th of September falls on a Tuesday, and we are still in winter, I do not think that the crowds will be too large.

      You can refer to the lakeside departure times on our page. There are 4 times on your chosen date being: 12.30pm, 2.25pm, 3.40pm and 4.15pm.

      Kind regards,

  • hi,I wish to take the trip for tomorrow 21.04.17 12:30 pm depart from Belgrave is lakeside ,is that possible I come back on same days.because my flight back to my country is 10pm on same night?

    • Hi Kim,

      Yes, you can make this trip and get back in time. Check the timetables but the 12.30pm from Belgrave arrives at Lakeside at 1.40pm. A train then departs from Lakeside at 2.25pm and arrives at Belgrave at 3.30pm.

      Belgrave is 70kms from Melbourne Airport, so as long as you have arranged transport, you should be fine.

      Kind regards,

  • Hi, I have 4 adults and 1 child (aged 3yrs). How do I book my tickets either online or by phone? And how much are the tickets, I would like to go on the 24th of April 2017.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Puffing Billy runs all throughout the year. If going there in May, make sure to dress warmly as the Dandenong Ranges can get fairly chilly during winter and, as the carriages are open, it can get quite cold. As long as you rug up, you can still have a lovely time at Puffing Billy in winter and the best part is that the crowds will be a lot smaller!

      Kind regards,

  • Do you any special fare for senior citizen along with family return trip.In fact we are four adults including one senior citizen and two children aged five and two yrs.old.So can you just let us know that how much family or total ticket charges will cost.

    • Hi Anil,

      The prices are posted on our page and are as follows:
      Adult Return: $54
      Child Return: $28
      Concession Return: $43
      Family Return: $108

      Your two year old will be free (children’s tickets are aged between 4-16yrs) and the senior citizen can purchase a concession ticket if they have a concession card, otherwise they will be charged as an adult.

      The regular pricing is $244.00 if you buy the tickets individually. You are better off purchasing a family ticket to cover 2 adults and 1 child, and then purchasing an additional 2 adult tickets:
      Without seniors concession: 1 family ticket (2ad & 1ch) + 2 adults = $216.00
      With seniors concession: 1 family ticket (2ad & 1ch) + 1 adult + 1 concession: $205.00

      Have a great time on Puffing Billy!

      Kind regards,

  • Hi! I would like to visit the Dandenong Ranges, Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary and Grant’s Picnic Ground. I am currently staying at Clement Street (near Dandenong Market) Which is the nearest station for me to board Puffing Billy? May I know the ticket price and details for visiting the 3 places mentioned above? Thank you!

  • Hi, we will be visiting your country in early May’17. May we know where is the best place to visit if we wish to take photos of maples? Where is the nearest railway station if travelling from Flinders Street Station?

    Thank you.

  • Hi, I purchased tickets for two adults and two children in a raffle last December. Due to unforeseen circumstances we hadn’t been able to use them up until now, we are hoping to go this Friday 18th would I still be able to use them?

  • Hi, I plan to take the ride Puffing Billy from Belgrave to Menzies Creek in Dec. However, when I went to the official website to purchase the tickets, I noticed that there’s only tickets from Belgrave to Lakeside. So I wonder:

    – Is it possible to purchase the ticket from Belgrave station to Menzies Creek (Return)?
    – If yes, can I purchase online as I am travelling from another country?


    • Hi Chris,

      Menzies Creek is the first stop on the full journey. There is unfortunately no discount for those just wanting to take a trip to Menzies Creek return, I suspect this is because most people take the full trip and you will take up a seat whether you get off at Menzies Creek or travel all the way to Lakeside.

      Just note that the trip from Belgrave to Menzies Creek is 30 minutes each way. As Puffing Billy travels the entire track on each trip (which takes approximately 2 hours each way), just note that travelling to Menzies Creek on some train departures results in a two hour wait at Menzies Creek for the train’s return back to Belgrave. So check the train timetable before you book to minimise the wait where possible.

      There are generally more than three Puffing Billy locomotives running at a time which enables the Railway to operate at least three train departures daily. This means that you can get off at Menzies Creek and catch a returning train coming from the other direction to cut your wait time (works better later in the day).

      You will therefore need to purchase a “Belgrave Lakeside Open Return” ticket. You can purchase this online and collect your tickets at the ticket window at Belgrave station. Just note your confirmation number or print your booking receipt.

      I hope this information is of some assistance to you. Check out our other websites and feel free to shoot me any more questions you have about Melbourne’s other attractions. (Melbourne Point, Dandenong Ranges Point & Yarra Valley Point)

      Best regards,

  • Hi. I am planning to visit Grant of Sherbrooke and ride Puffing Billy to Menzies Creek. So, for that, I intend to take Belgrave train from Flinders Street Station. Then, ride Puffing Billy to Menzies Creek and return to Belgrave station by bus. I will like to know;

    – Is it possible to go to Grant of Sherbrooke from Belgrave station?
    – or is it nearer to go to Grant of Sherbrooke from Menzies Creek?
    – if any of the route is possible, will you mind to give instructions to go the Grant?

    Many thanks!! :)

  • Hi, I will like to know:
    1) where can I take train from Melbourne city to Belgrave?
    2) I intend to take Puffing Billy to go to Emerald and have picnic there, but may I know whether I am in time for the last return train at what time?
    3) If I miss the last return train, are there any bus or train at Emerald for me to go back to Melbourne city?
    Sorry for so many questions as its my first time there.

    • Hi Lyn,

      You can catch a Belgrave train from Flinders Street Station or Southern Cross Station.

      The last Puffing Billy train leaves from Emerald at 4.25pm.

      If you miss this last Puffing Billy train, you can walk to Emerald Village bus stop on Main St and catch a route 695 bus towards Belgrave. Get off at Belgrave Railway Station and catch a train back into the city.


      • Hi Jess,
        Thank you for the prompt reply, just wish to check if I book the ticket online from overseas for the particular time which I will be travelling, what do I need to present to the counter to get on board on the Puffing Billy train on the actual date? Can I board Metro from Melbourne Central Station to Belgrave?

        • Hi Lyn,

          If you book your Puffing Billy tickets online, you will receive a voucher via email which you can present to the staff on your phone. Just get there about 30 minutes before as they will need to check your ticket and, as seats are not allocated, you want to make sure your group can all sit together.

          Just note that Melbourne Central Station is part of the “City Loop” that mainly runs to service customers during the working week. This station only has a very limited service on the weekends. All trains from Melbourne Central will head to Flinders Street Station before leaving the city anyway, so I would recommend just heading directly to Flinders Street Station which will be easier for you to navigate.

          If you are staying near Melbourne Central, then just take any tram on Swanston Street south to Flinders Street. All trams lead to Flinders! Or, you can walk, it is only 1km (10 minute walk).


  • Hi Jess,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes my son has a student card. I would like to ask for more opinion about our trip to Mt Dandenong ranges. Actually, we want to take the Puffing Billy Railway as well as to have sight seeing in the Dandenong Ranges and have dinner at Skyhigh Mt Dandenong around 18:00. If we arrive at the railway carpark around 10:30, how we plan our trip so as to get the most of it. How about the lunch arrangement? We will pick up our car after the railway trip.

    Thank you so much for your assistance. Looking forward to your reply.

    • Hi Winnie,

      I would include the following attractions in your itinerary: Puffing Billy to National Rhododendron Gardens to William Ricketts Sanctuary to Sky High Dandenong. Simply punch them into Google Maps for directions. There is further information on each of these sites on our website.

      There are heaps of little towns dotted throughout the Dandenong Ranges where you can stop for a bite to eat. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants.

      I would recommend booking a table at Sky High for dinner, as it is a popular restaurant, particularly on the weekend.

      Enjoy your trip!


  • Hello, we are planning to take the Puffing Billy Railway from Belgrave to Menzies Crk on 20 August and then return to pick our car to the next destination. Is there any car park near the Belgrave railway station? Charge or not? What’s the price of the railway for a family of three with a child age at 17? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Winnie,

      There is FREE parking located in the Puffing Billy carpark. Enter via Belgrave – Gembrook Road, between New Belgrave Motors and the Metro Rail Bridge.

      Child fares apply to ages 4 to 16 years old. So your 17 year old will fall into the Concession category (if a student or has a healthcare card) or if not eligible for Concession, will be considered an Adult. If your child is eligible for a concession, then the 3 tickets will cost $151.00

      Best regards,

  • Hi, I am planning to ride Puffing Billy from Belgrave to Menzies Creek one way. How can I go back to Belgrave to get my car and drive to my next destination? I do not want to wait for the Puffing Billy’s return as this will waste my travel time. Look forward for your advice. Thanks. Emi

    • Hi Emi,

      The only alternative is bus or taxi. The Line 695 Bus leaves around every 30 minutes during the week and every hour on weekends. It takes 10 minutes and costs approx $3. A taxi service is also avaialble which will take 10 minutes to get back and cost approx $20.


    • Hi Geetha,

      There are two options for purchasing your tickets online:
      1. You can buy a “Flexi Pass” which will get you discounted tickets for Puffing Billy as well as many Melbourne attractions. This is the best value option if you intend to attend a number of attractions whilst in Victoria. Click the link here.

      2. If you are just after Puffing Billy return tickets, click the link here. Puffing Billy offers Discounted Family Fares which allows up to two adults and up to four children (4-16 yrs) to travel from Belgrave to Lakeside return for $108 and Belgrave to Gembrook return for $143.


  • Hi. I was wondering what would be the best time to leave in the afternoon or around lunch time to go on the Puffing Billy. Also, where from and where to get off as my partner and I are going to the Queen Victoria Markets in the morning so don’t have a lot of time but would love to go on the Puffing Billy. We are staying at the Hilton South Wharf. Thanks so much and look forward to hearing back from you. Nita:)

    • Hi Nita,

      Whether you can do both attractions in one day will really depend on whether you have a car. Travelling by public transport will add hours to your day and might not work with the Puffing Billy scheduling. However it is achievable with a bit of pre-planning.

      The Queen Victoria Market opens at 6am for fresh produce and 8am for clothing, bags and other trinkets. Get there early to give yourself a couple of hours to shop here as, depending on your shopping style, some people can browse all day! Free parking is available to market customers with entry and exit between 6am–10am Sunday to Friday and between 6am–8am on Saturday. Otherwise, parking is $8 for 2 hours.

      If you leave the Queen Victoria market by say 11am and drive to the Dandenong Ranges, you can be in Belgrave (Puffing Billy) by 12pm.

      There is a 12.30pm departure of Puffing Billy which gets to Lakeside by 1.40pm. This is a good spot to get off and relax for an couple of hours with the fresh produce, bread and deli items you might have purchased from the Queen Victoria Market! :)

      The return train from Lakeside leaves at 2.45pm and returns to Belgrave at 4.30pm. You can then drive back to Melbourne which will take around 1hr.

      If you are taking public transport, things get a little harder, as the trip takes much longer (1.5hrs each way). You will have to compare train schedules from Puffing Billy (available on our page) and train departures on the PTV website.

      If you want to purchase your Puffing Billy tickets online before you go, you have two options:
      1. You can buy a “Flexi Pass” which will get you discounted tickets for Puffing Billy as well as many Melbourne attractions. This is the best value option if you intend to attend a number of attractions whilst in Victoria. Click the link here.
      2. If you are just after Puffing Billy return tickets, click the link here.

      I hope you have a great time during your stay in Melbourne!

  • Hi, We are wanting to visit tomorrow and want to know: if you get a return ticket, can you hop on and off at stops?
    Also do any stops have restaurants near by? Many Thanks

    • Hi Raquel,

      You can certainly hop off at any station, however note that you will have to wait for the train to make the return trip before getting back on.

      The duration of your wait will depend on which section of the railway line you choose to travel:
      1. Belgrave to Lakeside – 1 hour each way and one hour at Lakeside (min of 3hrs total)
      2. Belgrave to Gembrook – 1 hour 50 mins each way and 2 hours at Gembrook (min of 5.5hrs total)
      3. Belgrave to Menzies Creek – 30mins each way. However please note that travelling to Menzies Creek on some train departures results in a two hour wait for the train’s return to Belgrave.
      4. Lakeside to Gembrook – 40 mins each way and 2hrs at Gembrook (min of 3.5hrs total).
      Please check the full timetable to check the wait times for your planned trip. There is an image of the timetable on our page.

      As for restaurants located nearby, Lakeside has a cafeteria where hot and cold food and drinks can be purchased. Most people stop here for lunch for the 1hr before making the return trip. There are also refreshment shops Belgrave, Menzies Creek and Gembrook stations which stock snacks, drinks and ice-creams.

      If you want to purchase tickets you have two options:
      1. You can buy a “Flexi Pass” which will get you discounted tickets for Puffing Billy, Phillip Island activities as well as Melbourne attractions. This is the best value option if you intend to attend a number of attractions whilst in Victoria. Click the link here.
      2. If you are just after Puffing Billy return tickets, click the link here.

      Enjoy your trip to Puffing Billy!

    • Hi JW,

      If you are travelling return, then yes – you can purchase your tickets online. You will have to purchase a ticket from Belgrave to Emerald, Menzies Creek is the first stop along the way. One way tickets cannot be purchased online. You can check out the fares here. It may work out cheaper just to buy a single one way ticket on arrival, unless to are returning.


  • Hello, I want to take Puffing Billy as well as visit the 1000 steps. Can you please tell me whether these two activities are far away from eachother? Or whether they join at different places. Thanks.

    • Hi Carol,

      Puffing Billy and the 1000 Steps are approximately 5kms away from eachother. The Puffing Billy train line does not stop near the 1000 Steps, so you should make arrangements to travel by car between the two (walking is possible, but will take around 1hr). To drive between them will take less than 10 minutes.

      If you are interested in purchasing a pass to Puffing Billy as well as a range of other activities in Melbourne, click the link here for a great discounted deal. I note that the 1000 Steps is a free attraction so you don’t need tickets.

      Enjoy your time in the Dandenong Ranges!


  • Hi we are coming from Malaysia and will be visiting Puffing Billy. We are bringing our parents who are senior citizens. Are there any special rates for them? They are aged above 65. Thanks

    • Hi Cristalle, thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately, discounts are only available to Australian bearers of Australian Government Health Care Card, Student Card, Seniors Cards or Pension Card.

      As foreigners, this means that your parents are not eligible for the seniors discount and will have to purchase Adult tickets.

      Enjoy your trip to Australia!

    • Hi Hogan,

      You can purchase tickets online here. Please note that it may be a lot busier over the ANZAC Day long weekend, so you are advised to arrive early to ensure you can get a park and a good seat as the seats on Puffing Billy are unallocated.

      Enjoy your weekend in the Dandenong Ranges!


    • Hi Dee,

      Per their online policy, Puffing Billy offers a concession rate for the following persons:
      “Concession fares are available to Australian bearers of: Australian Government Health Care Card, Student Card, Seniors Pensioners. Concession fares are also available to New Zealand bearers of: SuperGold cards. Concession cards must be presented when purchasing your ticket.”

      Therefore it doesn’t seem that overseas concession cards qualify.

      Nevertheless, I hope that your family has a great time in the Dandenong Ranges.


    • Hi Samantha,

      You can purchase a one way ticket on the first day and then a one way ticket back the next day. However, you will have to buy in person as only return tickets are available online.

      If you are looking for accommodation in the Dandenong Ranges, click the link on our page to direct you to the best deals.


    • Hi Lucky,

      You can purchase tickets to Puffing Billy on the day, but I would advise you to book online in advance as you are going in a peak period (summer school holidays start on 18th December).

      So if you want to guaranteed departure time, I would book online in advance, especially if you are travelling in a group.

      Have a great day out on Puffing Billy!

      Holiday Point

What is the Puffing Billy address?
What are the Puffing Billy opening hours?
First train from Belgrave leaves 10am
Last Train from Lakeside leaves at 4:45pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Puffing Billy.
What are the Puffing Billy entry prices?
Belgrave to Emerald or Lakeside OR Emerald or Lakeside to Gembrook
Adult Return: $61
Child Return: $31.50
Concession Return: $48
Family Return (2Ad & 2Ch): $153.50

Belgrave to Menzies Creek
Adult Return: $36
Child Return: $19.50
Concession Return: $29
Family Return (2Ad & 2Ch): $91.50

Family fares are valid for up to 2 adults and 2 children
Child fares apply to ages 4 -16yrs
Children aged 0-3 travel free!

Please visit our website for more information on the Puffing Billy.
What is the Puffing Billy phone number?

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