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Belgrave Lantern Parade

Belgrave Lantern Parade

The Belgrave Lantern Parade is a yearly event that celebrates the winter solstice, community and creativity at the Hills through a display of hundreds of beautiful candle-powered lanterns.

The event takes place during the shortest day of winter and marks the turning of the seasons towards spring.

Belgrave Lantern Parade 2022 Festival Dates, Times & Location, VIC

The event is an important festival in the local calendar, as thousands of people flock the streets marching with both big and small lanterns. Visitors are requested to bring their own lantern or join in on the winter solstice theme if they wish to join the parade.

Lantern making workshops will be conducted during the weekends leading up to the festival so that participants can show off their handmade lanterns during the event. Simple and intermediate workshops are ideal for all ages and skill levels, while advanced workshops will involve creating more complex lanterns which take more time to create. Those interested to join in on the workshops are recommended to make bookings in advance.

The event also features dancers, circus performers, and drummers of all kinds as well as food stalls, fire pits, and community singing along Burwood Highway, the main street of Belgrave. Kids’ activities include face painting and storytelling. Spectators will enjoy watching the parades and activities from the streets as thousands of lanterns light up the night.

The Belgrave Lantern Parade starts from 6pm onwards and runs for 2 hours. The event, held on the Saturday closest to the winter solstice, is free for all to attend.

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