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Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

The Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens is a great venue for all nature lovers. Located in Sherbrooke, these gardens are home to magnificent shrubs, flowering plants, and majestic Mountain Ash trees. Whether you’re here in summer or winter, you will love the tranquil and colourful setting.

Come here to spend a day at this gorgeous nature oasis in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria.

Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens Wedding, Cafe & Hours, Sherbrooke

Hikers will certainly love exploring the shady pathways within the garden. Visit the picturesque lake and the adjoining fall area, where you can relax, picnic and play. The site also features a well-maintained quaint boathouse; ideal for picnicking.

If you are here in spring, then make sure you plan a visit as the garden is loaded with a wide variety of colourful azaleas, wildflowers, and cherry trees.

Sometimes the park authorities close the garden due to wet weather conditions, so it is advisable to check the weather conditions before planning a visit.

The Alfred Nicholas Gardens are an ideal venue all year round. Whether you come here in spring, summer or winter, you’ll be able to see something different. During autumn, you can witness colourful fall foliage as the maples and beech trees turn red. In addition, the golden ginkgos make the lake more stunning and vibrant.


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    • Hi Sam,

      If you are referring to just within the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, i would have to say that although there are no signs saying you can’t ride inside the park, most of the park is built on a hill. So getting down is pretty slow since you have to zigzag down the long service roads to reach the lake and the slope itself is pretty steep – so odds are you will have to dodge pedestrians. Then add in trying to get back to the top.

      If you are after an idea of where else to go, perhaps check out Emerald Lake Park, as the terrain is pretty flat and it’s quite a nice location.


    • Hi Con,

      The Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens are managed by Parks Victoria. A permit is required for professional, and some amateur, filming and photography in areas managed by Parks Victoria. So yes, it appears you will require a permit.

      If you require further information about getting a permit, I suggest you contact the gardens directly on: (03) 9757 7333.


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