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Grants Picnic Ground

Grants Picnic Ground

Grants Picnic Ground is a beautiful spot for picnics and one of the most popular destinations for outdoor lovers in the Dandenong Ranges. Best known for its bird-feeding, the picnic ground provides a tranquil setting and is the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon picnic with family and friends.

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As mentioned, one of the key attractions at the grounds is the bird feeding area. Typically, visitors buy a token from the kiosk on location to allow access to the bird feeding area (as it is fenced off). This token also allows a visitor to get a weighed amount of seed to feed the wild birds.

Note that visitors are not allowed to bring their own seeds to the grounds as these are native birds that are accustomed to a particular diet. Visitors should also note that some of the birds will fly on to you to get fed, so anyone not fond of birds should stay outside of the fenced off area. Although not aggressive, some of the birds can be very boisterous!

After feeding the birds, the Margaret Lester Forest Walk awaits for an enjoyable walk. This walking trail has an easy grade and is well suited for visitors with limited mobility. The walk is only a short 300-metre loop and only takes around 30 minutes to complete. The Hardy Gully Nature Walk, on the other hand, is categorised as having a moderate grade and this makes it ideal for those who love an easy stroll. This walk is a 700-metre looped track and takes around 45 minutes to complete.

The third trail is the Eastern Sherbrooke Forest Walk. It is about 7 kilometres long and marks the start and finish point at the picnic grounds. This walk takes around 2 hours to complete and provides an opportunity to come to see the famous lyrebirds that are best known for their ability to mimic dozens of sounds. Note that this trail has a couple of steep sections and may become slippery when it is wet.

In addition to the many outdoor activities, Grants Picnic Ground is a hub of activity for nature lovers. There are picnic facilities here that include an accessible table, BBQ facilities as well as a parking bay. There are also toilets available for use and Grants on Sherbrooke Cafe where you can purchase food, drinks and souvenirs.

70 Monbulk Road
Kallista, VIC

Opening Hours
Kiosk is open to purchase food for birds between 9am - 5pm

Phone Number
131 963

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