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With an array of scenic attractions and several things to see and do, Kalorama is a small rural community and a wonderful location to visit.

Located near Mt Dandenong, the quaint townhouses lush forests in an extensive rocky landscape; therefore the area is a great location for some nature photography.

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Whilst visiting Kalorama, visitors often head out to the area’s renowned park to enjoy an array of outdoor activities. The commercial town centre boasts local sporting facilities and a few shops, where visitors can shop and check out the activities at the sports centres.

Those looking for a great lookout around Kalorama should visit the junction of Mt Dandenong Tourist Road and Ridge Road. This region houses the spectacular Kalorama lookout, which offers some of the most scenic easterly views of Kalorama Park and the Silvan Reservoir. Near this area, there is a cafe, an art gallery and the popular Ellis Jeeves Reserve.

To offer a wide array of accommodation to guests, Kalorama offers a number of nearby cottages, villas, hotels and holiday homes. Check out the range of accommodation options below.

Kalorama Park is a wonderful location for families and couples who are looking for a scenic picnic ground with outdoor BBQ shelters. The park houses a number of native plant species and an array of flowering plants. Another picnic venue is the Karwarra Australian Plant Garden; a picturesque park with an array of floral displays, wildflower bearing plants, picnic areas and walking trails.

Kalorama also has a few popular galleries and museums, where you can spend some time exploring the displays, exhibits and artefacts.

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