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Boronia is a small eastern suburb of Melbourne, located just 29km east from the CBD, and is known for its scenic viewpoints to see the nearby National Park.

Boronia boasts a number of nature reserves and an array of extensive hiking and biking paths as well as housing a few sections of the Dandenong Ranges mountains.

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Whilst boasting a beautiful rocky backdrop of the hills and bushland, this quaint suburb is truly a worthy community to explore. Take a break from the everyday hustle and come here to escape, while enjoying scenic drives, outdoor fun and sightseeing.

The area of Boronia is well-equipped with accommodation and local amenities, natural things to see and do, and it also includes popular sports venues and clubs.

The local football team is the Boronia Hawks, and the town is also home to the popular Boronia Cricket Club, Bowls club, various netball clubs and polo clubs. The region also boasts a number of gaming, swimming and martial art venues that offer various short-term and long-term training programs for all age groups.

As the town has a number of sightseeing spots, the local accommodation options are also plenty including luxury to budget accommodation options. There are a number of hotels and motels in town as well as private rentals available for visitors.

Check out the range of accommodation options listed below.

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