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Emerald Lake

Emerald is a beautiful scenic location of the Dandenong Ranges; known for its gorgeous Emerald Lake and a number of scenic locations, the town of Emerald is a popular destination for vacationers worldwide.

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Cuckoo Restaurant

Try some scrumptious meals at the fun-filled venue of the Cuckoo Restaurant in the Dandenong Ranges. Since 1958, the internationally-renowned Cuckoo Restaurant is serving its guests with an array of delectable food varieties.

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Olinda Falls

Soak up in the picture-perfect scenic landscape of Olinda Falls while visiting the wonderful tourist spots of the Dandenong Ranges. With numerous public and private gardens, the Olinda Falls area is a popular tourist spot among visitors.

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Rhododendron Gardens

Rhododendron Gardens The National Rhododendron Gardens in the suburbs of the Dandenong Ranges is a popular destination that you should never miss a visit. This serene setting houses a variety of colourful blooms including the azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons and daffodils. With an international reputation, this group of magnificent gardens attract up to 50,000 – 60,000 […]

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William Ricketts Sanctuary

William Ricketts Sanctuary The William Ricketts Sanctuary in the Dandenong Ranges is an amazing setting where you can relax and enjoy an array of activities with your loved ones. This peaceful refuge in the suburbs of the Dandenong Ranges is set adjacent to the forest-clad hills of Mt Dandenong and on the outskirts of Melbourne. […]

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Warratina Lavender Farm

Warratina Lavender Farm Nestled at a picturesque landscape on the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, the Warratina Lavender Farm is a family owned and privately operated lavender farm and is truly worth a visit. Guests can browse through the variety of lavender plantations and several home-grown lavender products at this popular farm. Warratina Lavender Farm, […]

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Alfred Nicholas Gardens

Alfred Nicholas Gardens The Alfred Nicholas Gardens is another ideal venue for all nature lovers. The Dandenong based garden is home to some magnificent shrubs, flowering plants, and majestic Mountain Ash trees. Whether you are here in summer or winter, you will love the tranquil and colourful setting. Come here to spend a day at […]

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George Tindale Gardens

George Tindale Gardens The George Tindale Gardens is a popular public park, featuring a number of rare and native flora species, with some plants rarely found cultivated anywhere else. The soil at this park is acidic and rich in minerals, therefore, many rare plants grow here without any fertilizer. Even the year-round cool temperatures in […]

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Dandenong Ranges Accommodation, Attractions & Tourism

There is no shortage of attractions in Mt Dandenong and its neighbourhoods. With the native forests housing several Aussie flora and fauna, magnificent landscape of the foothills and lush gardens, the Dandenong Ranges offer a number of scenic tours and natural attractions for the visitors to explore.

Sitting atop the list of Dandenong Ranges attractions is the picturesque hillside and its surroundings. The Dandenong Ranges is a beautiful tourism spot, located towards the east side of Melbourne. Tourists come here to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities and a range of scenic drives across the rocky landscape.

Being a popular hill station and one renowned holiday destination, the Dandenong Ranges offers an array of luxurious and budget-friendly accommodation establishments at all prime scenic locations.

The Dandenong Ranges accommodation establishments nestled at the foot of the majestic mountain are quite popular among tourists. With an array of luxurious amenities in well-maintained guest rooms, these accommodation choices are recommended for couples and families alike.

While you enjoy your stay, explore and enjoy the scenic surroundings of Mount Dandenong. Accommodation includes various sophisticated all-inclusive resorts, star hotels, bed & breakfast lodging and a number of luxury retreats. With so many choices of accommodation, guests will surely be mesmerised when they arrive.

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