Sherbrooke Falls

Sherbrooke Falls

Photo by Rexness on Flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0.

Apart from the hilly landscapes and various camp grounds, the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria is also quite popular for its gorgeous waterfalls. The Sherbrooke Falls is a renowned and favourite oasis amid the picturesque landscape of the Dandenong Ranges. With a number of picnic areas and walking trails, the falls and its surrounding are popular among the families and the weekend vacationers.

Start your trip at the track near the entrance on the popular Sherbrooke Road; when you walk across the pathways, watch the picturesque scenery and the adjacent smooth tree ferns surrounding the area. Along the way, you will be able to spot the region’s finest sassafras and mountain ash trees, with some 200 years old trees among them.

Sherbrooke Falls, Dandenong Ranges

While visiting the falls, guests can also walk through the nearby Dandenong Ranges National Park. Even the rural cottage of Horatio’s home built in 1917 is worth an explore. Here, you will see four gallon kerosene tins affixed to make a frame of eucalyptus trees.

This walking track passes through the forested area containing the tallest flowering trees in the world. The area is abundant with the Mountain Ash and a variety of fern species. With a number of trees and grassland, the Sherbrooke area provides a natural habitat for the famous lyrebird species. While walking across the grassy pathways inside the forested area, you may see or hear these beautiful birds in the forest.

During the rainy season, the falls look wonderful with the surrounding verdant forest and the gorgeous rocky outcrops.

Guests visiting to the Sherbrooke Falls can also plan for picnicking at the nearby O’Donohue Picnic ground close to the Sherbrooke Lodge Road. The Mountain Ash forests also house a number of wildlife, including the possums of both ring-tailed and brush-tailed types, native birds and a number of reptiles.

Sherbrooke Falls Information

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