Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

Emerald is a beautiful scenic location of the Dandenong Ranges; known for its gorgeous lake and a number of scenic locations, making Emerald a popular destination for vacationers worldwide.

Located between the town of Cockatoo and Belgrave, Emerald is an easily accessible town from any point of the Dandenong Ranges.

Emerald Lake, Dandenong Ranges

Here, you can enjoy the scenic railway tour with Puffing Billy steam train. Apart from the numerous attractions, the town of Emerald features a number of shopping venues, cafe, gift shops, town hall and a library as well.

Despite of its small area, Emerald offers an array of amusement and activity options for keeping residents and tourists busy. Unquestionably, the Emerald Lake Park is the town’s major leisure and recreational attraction.

The lake and its park was originally a part of the historic Nobelius Nursery. This nursery was actually started during the 1890s with the planting of fruit and ornamental trees, and as the lake area is rich in soil, the agricultural and horticultural growth is abundant in this region. In 1941, the 50 hectares of land belonging to the original nursery was later opened as a public park.

Today, Emerald Lake and its park are two popular tourist attractions with the adjacent Puffing Billy scenic railway line and an array of amusement options for the locals and tourists alike. Set within the hillside and the native bush-lands, the lake offers a number of scenic picnic grounds with adjacent walking trails, where you can picnick and take part in various outdoor activities.

Near the Emerald Lake, you will also find the Aura Vale Lake and its neighbouring Cardinia Reservoir.

Emerald Lake Information

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