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Pirianda Gardens

Pirianda Gardens

The Pirianda Gardens are known for being one of the most picturesque parks in Victoria. The terraced gardens are beyond compare, especially in autumn, as the leaves turn to stunning shades of red, orange and yellow.

The park takes advantage of the sloping terrain, offering endless trails and tracks in which visitors can enjoy an exhilarating hike with their family or friends as they take in the magnificent views. The gardens are also available for weddings and other private functions.

Pirianda Gardens Park, Address & Maps, Olinda Dandenongs VIC

Whether your interests lie in photography, bird-watching or even the simplicity of a brisk walk in the fresh air, you will fall in love with Pirianda Gardens. Ensure that you dress appropriately, including sturdy footwear, as some of the walking trails can be slippery in wet weather conditions. Visitors to the Gardens should also ensure that they are aware of the bushfire safety and emergency protocols for the area, as the Dandenong Ranges are prone to bushfires in the hot summer months of January and February.

The park is open every day of the year from 10am to 5pm, except Christmas Day. However please be aware that the Pirianda Gardens may close at short notice in the event of adverse weather conditions, high bushfire risk or renovation works. So make sure you check the Parks Victoria website before your visit to confirm the park is open in order to avoid disappointment.

For an afternoon in Victoria full of beauty and tranquillity, take a wander through Pirianda Gardens.

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  • Could I bring a group of 13 up on the train from Box Hill to Belgrave. Is it possible to get a bus from there?

    If so, which number? Also when is the best time to view the Autumn leaves and what is the entrance fee?

    If there a cafeteria nearby?

    Sorry to bother you with so many questions.

    Kind Regards from Rhyll (Adult teacher).

    • G’day Rhyll,

      I will attempt to answer each of your questions, but here is the park note relating to Pirianda Gardens which may give you some further helpful info.

      1. Can I bring 13 people on the train? Yes
      2. Is it possible to get a bus from there? Which route number? Yes, catch the #663 bus to Lilydale. Alight at the Kallista Community Centre stop. You will then need to walk about 1.5kms from there to get to the gardens. You can get the full timetable with departure times at the PTV Melbourne website.
      3. When is the best time to view the Autumn leaves? The leaves are yet to fully turn as the weather is still warm, so I would wait until early April.
      4. What is the entry fee? Free!
      5. Is there are cafeteria nearby? The Kallista Tea Rooms on Monbulk Road are nearby but there is no cafe in the garden itself.

      Have a great time in the Pirianda Gardens!

      Kind regards,

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