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Liverpool Road Retarding Basin

The Liverpool Road Retarding Basin is a tranquil recreational spot nestled at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges, and a popular destination for outdoor lovers.

A retarding basin is a low lying area of land that has been set aside to temporarily store stormwater during very high rainfall.

Liverpool Road Retarding Basin, Fishing, Dog Walks & Map, Boronia VIC

The Liverpool Road Retarding Basin was developed to prevent flooding downstream along the creek by providing a centralised water collection point.

The basin is very popular with walkers and people coming to exercise their dogs, as there are a number of areas where dogs are permitted off leash. There are a number of compacted gravel pathways, but dogs should only be allowed off leash if they can be controlled verbally, as sometimes there are snakes around in the warmer months.

The trails available near the Liverpool Road Retarding Basin are shared tracks. This means that they are perfect for walking, jogging and cycling. Go for a ride along the Dandenong Trail. The trail goes through Bayswater, Boronia and Colchester Road. Head onto Chandlers Lane before eventually getting to Liverpool Road. While the trail is challenging, it certainly makes up for this with panoramic views of the mountain hills.

Some people try their luck fishing in the basin as there are rumours of carp being caught there, but it is not typically a successful fishing spot.

Ample parking is available, but visitors should note that there are no picnic tables, BBQ’s or toilets here. A true bush park, come along and enjoy a day of walking or riding in the outdoors.

Liverpool Road
Boronia, VIC

Opening Hours
24 hours

Phone Number
131 722

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