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Bungalook Conservation Reserve

Bungalook Conservation Reserve

The Bungalook Conservation Reserve is a park area tucked away on Tereddan Drive in Kilsyth South and is home to the endangered species that is the Kilsyth South Spider Orchid.

The reserve covers a total land area of 35.6 acres and is divided into three distinct regions.

Bungalook Conservation Reserve, Spider Orchard Address, Kilsyth South

The first region, which spans 15 acres, is located to the south of the reserve and is managed by the Maroondah Council. The second region is 15.2 acres and it surrounds the basin area. Its operations are overseen by Melbourne Water. The last region is 5.4 acres and is managed as a trust for the reserve.

One of the most amazing aspects about Bungalook Conservation Reserve is that it is home to a vast expanse of native bushland. As a result, the reserve boasts great biodiversity which makes it nature heaven for outdoor lovers.

The landscape in the reserve varies from the swampy riparian wetland which is home to many tree species to the plain grassy wetlands and the healthy forested tracts of land. This varied landscape is home to numerous animal species. Visitors are encouraged to look out for possums at dusk (both the brushtail and ringtail possums) as well as the sugar glider. The wetland also provides a home for the Striped marsh frog. Other reptiles include the white-lipped snake as well as the weasel skink.

Bird lovers will enjoy the large population of birds in Bungalook Conservation Reserve. Some of the common bird species include the scarlet robin, the brown-headed honeyeater as well as the yellow-tailed black cockatoo.

The reserve’s proximity to other attractions such as Eastwood Golf Club, Dorset Road Golf Range and Colchester Reserve makes it a great destination to tour for a fun holiday experience.


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