Emerald Funfest 2014

emerald funfest

The Emerald Funfest, formerly known as the Emerald Winter Fest, is an annual town festival held in April.

Held at a gorgeous venue on Kilvington Drive, Funfest welcomes a huge number of guests from all across the nation. Basically, this is a community event that includes an array of amusement options, exhibitions, great music shows, dance shows and a variety of quality good stalls for guests to explore.

Emerald Funfest, Dandenong Ranges

Come here to indulge in a festive atmosphere along with your entire family and enjoy a number of free entertainment and activities.

Due to this event’s increasing popularity, the number of guests is increasing every year. Hence, on the event day, you will see several road closures on the chief junction of Kilvington Drive, the Heroes Avenue and Puffing Billy. In addition to the local visitors, a number of out-town visitors also come to this fun-filled festival of Emerald. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you will surely find something that interests you.

Also, you can explore the charming township of Emerald and its many scenic attractions while coming for Funfest. For those interested in taking part in some programs and perform can try participating in the various community events.

Emerald Funfest Information

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Kilvington Drive Emerald

Event Dates:

6th April, 2014

Event Times:

10am – 4pm

Phone: (03) 5968 3881
Email: info@pave.org.au

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