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Update: Personally speaking to a representative from Parks Victoria, I have been told that the 1000 Steps Kokoda Track Memorial Walk is due to re-open tomorrow April 1st at 6am. Have a great Easter long weekend!

Located within the Dandenong Ranges National Park, the 1000 steps Kokoda Walk is a unique and renowned tourist spot at Mt Dandenong.

The 1000 steps boasts the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk, a popular walking trail of this area. Nicely maintained by rangers, the Kokoda Track is a beautiful walking track with adjacent forested areas, bushlands and various scenic points.

1000 Steps Ferntree Gully, Mt Dandenong, Melbourne

As the name suggests, the 1000 steps includes 1000 stony steps that lead to the popular One Tree Hill, starting at Ferntree Gully near the ranger’s office and the cafe at the top end of the car park.

While visiting the steps, you will get a small glimpse into the physical effort experienced by the Australian soldiers during 1942. Those with an enthusiasm to complete the trail, you can sit down and take a rest under the trees of the Ferntree Gully forest.

Apart from the amazing experience of the trail itself, you can also enjoy the area’s scenic spots, beautiful parklands and numerous view points.

1000 Steps Information

Burwood Highway and Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Upper Ferntree Gully

Operating Hours:
The gates to Ferntree Gully Picnic Ground are open 6am and 9pm

Phone: 131 963
E-mail: info@parks.vic.gov.au

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  • Really, really want to go there in a few months. After your review even more. Would you consider the trip dangerous by the way? Or is it like very easy..

    • Hi Simone,

      The trip itself isn’t too strenuous, it isn’t like climbing stairs in a building. You can go at your own pace and rest on the way up.

      I have known people with very little fitness do it multiple times, so I am sure you’ll be fine.

      Just to note: the car park gets busy on weekends, so try get there early to get a park.


    • Hi Simone, it is not strenuous at all. I’m not fit and I managed to get to the top. I’ve also seen mums with baby’s on their back climbing the steps. It may not be challenging enough for the really fit ones. It is only slippery when it’s wet. They’ve made a 2nd set of steps that are easier for getting down.

    • Hi Amanda,

      There doesn’t appear to be a numerical address, but it is on the corner of Burwood Highway and Mt Dandenong Tourist Road in Upper Ferntree Gully.

      Please have a look at this zoomed in map to see where the car park entrance is, as opposed to where the steps begin: https://goo.gl/maps/nYPUH


  • Listen, to all those who said the track is “easy”, it is extremely strenuous when done right. You’re not meant to take a rest on the track if you want to get fit fast. Sure! Walk at your own pace or even jog it if you’re a fitness fanatic and can handle that. BUT DON’T YOU DARE REST!!!

    If you do get a chance to visit the Kokoda track, feel free to time yourself and share how long it took you to finish the track without taking a rest. Trust me, this will be a great achievement.

  • Hi there!

    Just wanted to ask, unless I have missed some information (which I often do ><) what are the opening and closing hours of the track/steps?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Yvette,

      If you are coming from the city using Public transport, it looks like the best train station to get off at is “Upper Ferntree Gully station” on the Belgrave line.

      From there it is just a 800m walk east along Burwood Highway to reach the southern end of the carpark – around 500m extra to get up to the cafe and the start of the steps.


    • Hi Carly,

      I don’t have kids, so I’m perhaps not the best one to answer this. I have completed the steps myself and it took me around 15 minutes from the start of the steps. There is also the walk from the car park.

      I guess if your kids are into the physical activity, they will have a ball and will appreciate the nature of the area. However, adults that I was with at the time were complaining about having to climb the steps and were out of breath and sweating (they aren’t that bad – they aren’t like house steps)

      If you want to try ensure a pleasurable experience, go in the morning when it is cooler and there is less people around.

      Hope this helps,

    • Hi Estelle,

      Thanks for the heads up. I have check the Parks Victoria website and the renovations aren’t due to start til Tuesday 10 March 2015 and will be closed for 3 weeks. The works are expected to be completed by 31 March 2015 (pending favourable weather and conditions).

      So hopefully all went well today.


    • Hi Kelly,

      I have just spoke to Parks Victoria and have been told that the 1000 Steps is due to re-open on April 1 at 6am.

      So all should be good for the Easter long weekend.


  • Hi
    I would like to visit the 1000 steps aswell as the bird feeding area and was wondering where abouts was the bird feeding area? Also is the bird feeding area far from the 1000 steps

    • Hi Kubilay,

      I just did some research, and the bird feeding area you are most likely referring to is located at Grants Picnic Ground, Kallista.

      I have created a map here showing you the way from the 1000 steps to Grants Picnic Ground https://goo.gl/maps/hMuLt, but in terms of distance it’s around 8km and roughly a 12 minute drive away.

      I have also spoke to Parks Victoria and have been told that the 1000 Steps is due to re-open tomorrow (April 1) at 6am, in case you were planning to head up this long weekend.


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