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Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky is an award-winning café that takes great pride in serving some of the best meat pies in Australia.

The café is best known for its fresh hand-made pies and its reverence for lean and fresh ingredients. Add to this delicious sauces and you have the most delicious lunch in the Dandenong Ranges!

Pie in the Sky Bakery Cafe Opening Hours & Address, Olinda VIC

There is no better place to soak in the natural beauty of the Dandenong Ranges and enjoy a filling meal than at Pie in the Sky. This family-friendly establishment seeks to indulge the whole family in explosive tastes against the background of the verdant mountain slopes.

The varied menu is categorised as follows: Aussie meat pies, light snacks, main meals, gourmet pies and desserts. The classic Aussie meat pies are loved for their tasty mix of lean beef and aromatic herbs. Enjoy a Beef & Kidney Pie, a classic British combination that features chunky beef and lamb kidney with herbs. Beef Curry, on the other hand, is an award-winning gourmet pie that features chunky beef cooked in Indian spices and served with rice. Other gourmet pies include the Beef Guinness (slow cooked in Irish stout) and the Tandoori Chicken & Spice.

Alternatively, settle for light snacks on the go. Nachos, Toasted Fruit Loaf and Devonshire Tea are all delicious options served at Pie in the Sky. All the cakes served at this café ate handmade and baked fresh. The Mississippi Mud Cake is a must enjoy and the Sticky Date Pudding is ideal for visitors who are looking for a gluten-free option.

The café also hosts large groups for select functions during weekdays, but bookings must be made in advance.

43 Olinda - Monbulk Road
Olinda, VIC

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 10am - 4.30pm
Saturday & Public Hols: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 9.30am - 5pm

Phone Number
(03) 9751 2128

Email Address

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