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Peter Delahenty Art Studio

Peter Delahenty Art Studio is one of the Dandenong Ranges‘ premier art studios with many pieces available for viewing and sale.

The studio traces its beginnings to 1991 when the studio first opened its doors, and Peter Delahenty has been creating arts of work and opening his doors to the public on and off since this time.

Peter Delahenty Art Studio Hours, Address, Hours & Prices, Olinda VIC

The artist, Peter Delahenty, is a Melbourne-born professional whose art career spans more than 20 years. Peter’s artistic journey was initially centred on sculpting, but over the years his skills and interests have continued to evolve and today he is an award-winning painter.

His works range from realism to abstract art, and he uses a wide range of techniques in his artworks. These include watercolour, pencil, oil and he even dabbles in digital art. His works are on display at the studio and visitors are permitted to visit and purchase his works of art.

In addition to the art pieces on display, there are also art classes available at Peter Delahenty Art Studio. During these classes, Peter shares his many skills and techniques with his students and offers both group and individual classes. The classes run for two hours for groups, and an hour for individual training. Suitable for beginners or advanced painters, Peter Delahenty has much to offer students under his tutelage.

So come over to the studio and view the artistic pieces on display. Opening times vary, so it is best to call ahead. The studio is located on mount Dandenong Tourist Road.

545 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road
Olinda, VIC

Opening Hours
Open most days, as Peter works from the studio. Call ahead to confirm.

Phone Number
0429 999 686

Email Address

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