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National Rhododendron Gardens

National Rhododendron Gardens

The National Rhododendron Gardens (formally known as The Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden) is a popular destination located in the Dandenong Ranges. This serene setting houses a variety of colourful blooms; including azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons and daffodils.

With an international reputation, this group of magnificent gardens attract up to 50,000 – 60,000 visitors every year.

National Rhododendron Gardens Hours, Map & Cherry Blossoms, Olinda

The gardens are known to house some of the rarest and most popular Australian flora and fauna. You will come across a number of garden and fern gullies at this park, apart from its variety of seasonal blooms.

Visitors to the garden can explore the habitat of rare lyrebird species, with a number of visitors heading to this park in winter in order to watch this rare bird. You will also find several other bird species; including king parrots, ducks, peacocks and crimson rosellas.

Whether it is spring or autumn, the gardens always stay vibrant and colourful with its wide variety of blooming gardens; with the gardens also renowned for the flora Mount Ash, the world’s tallest flowering plant.

Set at the foothills of the blue Australian Alps, these gardens offer the best scenic views of the surrounding landscape and its adjacent verdant forest.

Those interested in visiting can take a self-guided tour across the 103 acres of scenic botanic gardens. In addition, a number of tour operators offer mini-bus tours to these gardens during spring. You can take a 20 minute narrated tour across the charming gardens and explore what the place has to offer.

Seasonal changes ensure the gardens are a delight all year round, so there is no best time to visit. However, as you would expect, spring brings with it a seasonal bloom and warmer weather, so is a good time to visit as the days are warm and the evenings cool.

As the botanic garden houses a number of picnic grounds, you can come here for a picnic as well. Also, enjoy watching the native birdlife and the stunning views of the Alps from various the lookouts within the garden’s vicinity.


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    • Hi Ranjana,

      Looking at a number of websites and trying to interpret what is written on the main Parksvic website, the general consensus is that household pets are not allowed in the park – only assistance dogs are permitted.


    • Hi Tori,

      The Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden is still open daily from 10am to 5pm. Only the gift shop, garden tour, and cafe are closed at the moment.

      Out of all of the attractions manged by ParksVic in the Dandenong Ranges, the only place closed is the William Ricketts Sanctuary.


    • Hi Noreen,

      Going by the Parksvic website, the park will in fact be open on Labour Day. The only day when the gardens are closed is on Christmas Day.

      The gardens are from 10am to 5pm and entrance is free.

      Have a great day out!


    • Hi Alan,

      There is still, in fact, a garden tour that runs every 30 minutes from 10:30am to 3:30pm. Note though it only runs on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

      Although entry to the Botanic Garden is free, the tour costs $10 for adults or $8 for Concessions.


    • Hi,

      I actually checked the flowering update this morning and as of Sep 17th, it was announced that the cherry blossoms will be occurring in the next 1-2 weeks, and will last 4-10 days once started (depending on weather conditions).

      I will be checking in on the latest updates almost daily, so please check back on this page for any new information (I’ll be adding the information at the very top of the page).


      • Hi Michael,

        Thanks for your reply. I just checked today on Parks Victoria website https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/ and found the following info updated on 23rd September:

        “Early rhododendrons are now flowering, along with hellebores, proteas, daffodils, magnolias and camellias. The Cherry trees have started blooming, but the cool, wet weather is affecting this year’s display*. The cooler weather continues to delay the flowering for many plants. Azaleas are expected to bloom in early October.”


    • Hi Marg,

      As of September 2 2019 in the latest Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden Flower Update, it’s stated that “The cooler weather has delayed the flowering season for some magnolias and cherry trees”.

      “As the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden is at a 500-metre altitude, the cherry trees bloom later than they do in the suburbs of Melbourne. Blossoms usually reach their peak from mid-September to early October. Once open, flowers last from 4-10 days, depending on weather conditions.

      You can try calling Parksvic on 13 19 63 to confirm, otherwise, it would be worth just keeping your eye out for the latest updates. Be that the last update was over 10 days ago, there is a fair chance the cherry blossoms aren’t out yet.


    • Hi Ruth,

      According to the latest flowering update from 19 October 2018, it stated that “Rhododendrons and camellias continue to flower, along with azaleas, king proteas, waratahs and leucadendrons.”

      Even though that was close to 2 weeks ago, it’s also mentioned that “Azaleas and rhododendrons will continue to flower throughout October and early November.”

      So you should still be in luck.


    • As for the minibus (the Garden Explorer), it’s stated on the Parksvic website that “Parks Victoria will not be operating a Garden Explorer in Spring 2018. It is anticipated that Parks Victoria will commence operating its own Garden Explorer from Autumn 2019”

      Hope this helps.

What is the National Rhododendron Gardens address?
What are the National Rhododendron Gardens opening hours?
What are the National Rhododendron Gardens entry prices?
Entrance to the gardens is free.

Fees for the Garden Explorer Bus Tour
Adults: $10
Concession: $8
Child: $5
Child (Under 12yrs): Free
Family (2 adults and 2 children): $25.00

Please visit our website for more information on the National Rhododendron Gardens.
What is the National Rhododendron Gardens phone number?

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