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Gembrook Hill Vineyard

Gembrook Hill Vineyard

The Gembrook Hill Vineyard is a small, quaint and popular vineyard in Dandenong Ranges region in Victoria. The vineyard property was bought by two aspiring winemakers and enthusiasts in 1983. Both Ian and June Marks started their wine business on this property after searching extensively for the perfect land throughout the many popular wine regions in Victoria.

This beautiful winery overlooks the majestic and scenic Mt Donna Buang and the Warburton Ranges. The property is rich with red soil and therefore, it is able to produce quality grapes during every harvest.

Gembrook Hill Vineyard Winery Address, Launching Place VIC

Due to the year-round cool climate in the Gembrook hills area, grape vines grow abundantly. Today, after so many years, the winery has established itself as a renowned wine producer in the Upper Yarra sub-region.

Many wine critics often regard Gembrook’s wines as some of the most outstanding wineries in Australia.

At the Gembrook Hill Vineyard, the vine age reached over twenty years. Those who come here for a winery tour will get a chance to taste a variety of wines. Their specialties include a Chardonnay and the winery’s Sauvignon Blanc is quite popular with wine lovers.

Each of their wines possesses a dense structure, elegant body, and complex characteristics. The winery is also popular for its unique Sancerre, Pinot Noir, and the vintage Blanc de Blancs.

The winemakers use traditional winemaking methods to craft their wines, so they are able to create authentic tasting wines. They also use classic French oak barrels for aging. Thus, each of their wines has a distinctive oak-aged taste.

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