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Cardinia Reservoir Park

Cardinia Reservoir Park

An ideal getaway for the whole family, the Cardinia Reservoir Park is a fantastic location for families to come and picnic, as there is a natural abundance of flora and fauna.

Visitors who manage to get a glimpse of the azure waters will quickly realise why the park is touted as one of the most magnificent places in Victoria. The vast open land provides ample space to play around and those with kids can head to the playground located at the Crystal Brook picnic area.

Cardinia Reservoir Park Fishing, Address, BBQ, Map & Opening Hours

The numerous picnic sites are also a great option for those visitors who seek out one of the many panoramic views of the dam. Importantly, all the picnic areas are wheelchair accessible.

The kangaroo viewing trail is yet another attraction at the park as it offers close-up views of the Eastern Grey Kangaroos as they feed at dusk. Also, visitors can often catch them relaxing in the sun during the heat of the day.

Many visitors to the park bring their dogs as there is ample space for them to run around. However, please note that whilst dogs are allowed within the park, they must always be kept on a leash. For those going on picnics, portable barbecues are permitted, but only those that use gas. This rule is enforced to minimise the risk of bushfire.

The Cardinia Reservoir Park is accessible from two locations; the main gate and the gate located on Red Hill Road. The opening times for both gates is 9am whilst the closing hours vary depending on daylight saving time – usually around 5-6pm.


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  • Hi
    My name is David we want to have a party on This Sunday at Cardinia resovor park. About 100 people
    Should we resorve the park or just go there and have our barbecue.

    Looking forward to hearing you soon.

  • I plan on visiting the Cardinia Reservoir Park this weekend. My kids are interested in seeing the kangaroos roaming about. Considering this is the winter, what would be the best time for us to see the kangaroos roaming around?

    • Hi Amit, thanks for your email.

      Without a doubt, the best time to catch the kangaroos is at dusk, which is when they come out to graze.

      Sunset is quite early during winter (around 5-5.30pm), so I would recommend getting there at around 4pm which should give you a full hour of kangaroo spotting.

      Hopefully they are out in force on the day you choose! Enjoy your time in the Dandenongs.


What is the Cardinia Reservoir Park address?
What are the Cardinia Reservoir Park opening hours?
During daylight savings time, the park is open via the main gate from 9am - 8pm, and the Red Hill Road gate from 9am - 5pm.

Please visit our website for more information on the Cardinia Reservoir Park.
What are the Cardinia Reservoir Park entry prices?
What is the Cardinia Reservoir Park phone number?

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