Trees Adventure

The Trees Adventure High Ropes Park is unquestionably an awesome setting for enjoying eco-adventure fun. Located in a stunning heritage garden of Belgrave and next to Puffing Billy in the Melbourne Dandenongs, Trees Adventure is a must-see destination for all adventure lovers.

With numerous adrenaline pumping rides high above the ground, you will be amazed and thrilled when you cross the thrilling tree-top obstacles.

Trees Adventure High Ropes Park, Dandenongs

The High Ropes Park has 12 mammoth flying foxes and up to sixty aerial challenges for adults and teenagers alike. The rope courses have various levels ranging from beginner to intermediate; it also has the black diamond extreme course featuring a 100 m flying fox and a giant aerial skateboard.

The venue also houses some magnificent trees and rare plant species within its vicinity, and is just a 5-minute walk from the Dandenong Range’s Belgrave train station.

Though it’s a new eco-adventure, at Trees Adventure you will surely enjoy these exhilarating rides. The popular courses have huge tree-top obstacles and flying fox courses, through which you will pass while crossing the Glen Harrow heritage gardens.

Take up this thrilling challenge and just “hang out”. Your adventurous ride moves your between the platforms of around 2 to 12 metres in height; while crossing these, you will come across a series of imaginative obstacles including the flying fox.

For those who are scared of heights can take the easy courses. However, before you start, you will be fully equipped and trained.

Soar in to a controlled environment with various obstacles and thrills for you to experience and enjoy!

Trees Adventure Information

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Glen Harrow Gardens, Old Monbulk Rd, Belgrave

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday (11am to 5pm)
Saturday & Sunday (9am to 5pm)
Open everyday Last departure:3 pm
Christmas and new year’s day:Closed

Booking is essential to avoid disappointment

Phone: 03 9752 5354

Adults $39
Concession/teens 13-17 years $33
Kids 10-12 years $33
Kids 5-9 years $25

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  • I thought you may appreciate some feedback from my experience yesterday at Tree Top Adventures;

    My husband and I took our 12 and 14 year old girls and we could have had a brilliant day apart from a couple of things. The course is really well designed and it has all the safety needs covered. The area is beautiful, very picturesque with great views.

    We were told how long each course takes but we found it took much longer, so you don’t get to do as much as you expect as your time runs out. This may be because it was school holidays, but there were too many people going through in one time slot, which holds everything up.

    Be careful to avoid going with a group of boys having a birthday party, as they are fearless and they want to push past you and some of them moved on to the aerial lines before I had finished getting off at the other end, making them sway more which was a bit frightening. There is one area when 2 different courses meet and my younger daughter got confused.

    When I asked Marcel to help her, he wasn’t very happy and his rudeness surprised me. I really think he is in the wrong job.

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for leaving feedback on your experience, I am sure the guys from Trees Adventure will see this quite soon as I appear just below them in Google.

      Having been there twice myself, you are right that there might need to be done regarding scheduling of people going onto the courses. I am at the other end of the scale as a 30yo man child monkey and fly through the course, so perhaps they can do more around either the gaps between people going onto the course, or perhaps start charging per individual course rather than as a 2 hour block. Additional to this, perhaps there could be a few landings every so often where it is possible to let people overtake (kind of like what happens in mini-golf where a family might let a couple play through).

      Having done similar rope courses up on the Gold Coast, I was also impressed with the quality and safety of all the gear and courses.

      Thanks again for comments.

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